Silica Sand (Bulk)

Silica sand, also known as quartz sand, is a type of sand that is primarily composed of silica (silicon dioxide). It is widely used in various industries due to its unique properties. Here are some common uses of silica sand:

  1. Glass Manufacturing: Silica sand is a key ingredient in the production of glass. It provides the essential silicon dioxide component, which gives glass its transparency, strength, and resistance to high temperatures. Silica sand with high purity and suitable grain size is preferred for glassmaking.
  2. Foundry Casting: Silica sand is extensively used in the foundry industry for molding and core-making processes. It serves as a refractory material due to its high melting point and thermal stability. Silica sand helps create precise molds for casting various metals and alloys.
  3. Construction and Building Materials: Silica sand is an essential component of concrete and mortar. It acts as a filler, providing strength and durability to the final product. Silica sand is also used as a base material for laying bricks, tiles, and paving stones.
  4. Filtration Systems: Silica sand is commonly used as a filtration medium in water treatment systems. Its high purity and uniform particle size make it effective in removing impurities, sediments, and suspended solids from water. Silica sand is used in swimming pool filters, municipal water treatment plants, and industrial filtration systems.
  5. Sports and Recreation: Silica sand is widely used in sports fields, golf courses, and playgrounds. It is used as a topdressing material for sports turf to improve drainage and stability. Silica sand is also used in the construction of golf course bunkers and sandboxes.
  6. Industrial Abrasives: Silica sand is a common abrasive material used in various industrial applications. It is used for sandblasting, grinding, and polishing surfaces. Silica sand’s hardness and uniform particle size make it effective for removing coatings, rust, and surface contaminants from different materials.
  7. Oil and Gas Extraction: Silica sand is used in hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, in the oil and gas industry. It is injected into wells along with water and chemicals to create fractures in underground rock formations, allowing the extraction of oil and natural gas.
  8. Ceramics and Refractories: Silica sand is a crucial component in the manufacturing of ceramics and refractory materials. It provides strength, resistance to high temperatures, and thermal shock resistance to ceramic products like tiles, sanitary ware, and bricks. Silica sand is also used in the production of refractory bricks, crucibles, and other heat-resistant materials.

These are just a few examples of the many applications of silica sand. Its unique properties, including high purity, hardness, and thermal stability, make it a versatile material in various industries.


Epoxies, Detergents, Soaps, Cleaning Liquids, Hand Cleaners etc.


Grouting, Tile Adhesives, Epoxy Resins, Quick Drying Cement, Concrete Enhancers.

0.4 – 0.85mm

Water Purification Works, Roof Tile Coatings, Wall Coatings, Rapid Water Filters, Epoxy Resins.

0.6 – 1mm

Rapid Water Filters, Water Purification Works, Roof Tile Coatings, Wall Coatings.

0.8 – 1.65mm

Swimming Pool Filters, Water Purification Works, Acid Proofing Floors (Screeds), Roof Tile Coatings, Epoxy Floors.

1.2 – 2.4mm

Wall Coatings (Paints), Non Slip Floors, Gas Filtration, Refractory Clays and Products, Agricultural Water Purification, Cat Litter Sand.

2 – 4mm

Fertilizer Filler, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Fish Tank Sand / Pet Sand.

3 – 5mm

Bore Hole Casings, Water Purification Works, Metallurgical Flux Medium, Refractory Products, Filtration of Reclamation Water, Koi Sand, Epoxy Floor Coatings.

Pool Sand

Filter Sand: Filtration and Purification